About us

Company Overview

Amarphonebook Limited 

Established in 2013, Amar Phonebook Ltd. is a complete business directory service providing its listing through a multiple platform such as Call center, Website & Mobile app.

What does it do? 

Amar Phonebook provides user information through classified listings on a host of categories such as restaurants, malls, ATMs, movie halls, etc. Amar Phonebook currently is Bangladesh's no.1 local search destination. It provides comprehensive updated information on all the B2B and B2C products & services. This unique local search service is available on Phone, Web, WAP and SMS.

What needs are being fulfilled?

For the customers, we fulfill the need for information, although the scope of this information is unlimited, and we try to provide information on any and all services and products the customer might need.

The clients also get promotion in areas which might otherwise be outside their physical radius of promotion.

How does it make their life better?

Customers save time, and find a multitude of options with ease, enabling them to get the best prices and ease of access to services and goods /customers.

What meaning does the service bring to their life?

It basically provides a one stop shop for all the customer's needs, and provides them with value and much more time on their hands, while taking away the frustration normally associated with searching for any goods and services, and bridges the customer-client gap.

How does it help build their identities? 

Customers are able to make a well informed choice in a matter of minutes, thus exercising the freedom of choice which makes them feel in control.